I graduated in Political Science (historical-political address) at the “La Sapienza” Universit√† di Roma. The title of my degree thesis was: Civilization and constitutionalism in the Benjamin Constant thinking.
In 2005, I obtained the diploma of Librarian at the “Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e bibliotecari” of the “La Sapienza” Universit√† di Roma with honours. To do this, I wrote the thesis entitled: The library of the Cardinal Pietro Corsini (?-1405) by performing the related bibliographic researches at Corsini Family Palace in Florence and at the National Library and Corsiniana of Academy of Lincei in Rome. I worked there for some years and I handled a project about preservation of 10000 manuscripts and rare printings.
I’m presently continuing my qualification by attending courses in order to achieve a diploma in archivist-paleographer.
I’m now working at Caspur in the division for the library automation.
In this framework, I’m involved in several activities:
Wiki on Open Access
Open Archive Caspur (Eprints)
Open Archive RomaTre (DSpace)
Construction a new Ciber site
Courses on Sebina